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Address:Xinglong Street, Xinmin Management Zone, Chang'an Town , Dongguan City

Company Profile
Vigor blower co., ltd

Vigor Blower Co.,Ltd is specialized in manufacturing centrifugal single and double tablock fan wheel,strip blower wheel,backward inclined blower wheel,cross flow fan and blower wheels,plastic blower wheels,fan blades ,turbo blower ,centrifugal blower and etc .Many customers use them in diverse applications such as HVAC,cooling and refrigeration,electronics,air curtains, automotive, marine, medical , industrial equipment and so on. Now Vigor research and develop the cleanaire mask which is a high efficient, convenient, environmental protection, innovation which compose the integration of modern high-tech purifier. Protection extends to hundreds of uses where light protection can greatly reduce potential lung damage. Fresh air just for you,buy cleanaire by health. Vigor was

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